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To every session I bring a unique blending of life experience and healing techniques, grounded in guided intuition.  My "tool kit" includes Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing, various Energy Medicine therapies and Lumalight Spectrahue Colour Light therapy.   

This healing process is anchored in love, compassion, and being present to the moment.


It is my observation and experience that we are all the same one life force energy, uniquely
expressed as individual beings in human form. 

Private sessions 
By appointment - in person or distance      

This healing process is exactly the same whether we are 2 feet or 2 continents away from each other!

I "feel" and sense you and your body exactly the same, wherever you may be physically during the session. 

AND I REALIZE THIS REQUIRES A LEAP OF FAITH .. please refer to distance feedback for others' experiences with this ..

Person to person, we meet in my studio session room.  You sit/lie on a comfortable heated zero-gravity chair.
Distance, we meet on Skype so you to can tell me what you want me to know about your body, before the session.  Then we proceed to connect energetically, off line, without the use of Skype.  You sit/lie somewhere comfortably for the duration of the session.


Regardless of how we are connecting, we are meeting in an energy field of mutual intention for healing. 

These sessions are a collaborative endeavor with support and guidance from our (yours and my) higher consciousness and inner self-healing wisdom. 

My experience ...

I am able to support the healing process as it unfolds and resolves, without physically touching your body.  In my observation, within the realm of energy, there is no physical time or space to separate us.

As we connect soul to soul, I become aware of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of your being, from a clear sensing deep within my body.  I hold intention for the healing you are ready to do in this moment, while offering specific invitations, support and energy for your self-healing process.

Your experience ...

To begin, I verbally invite your body to relax physically.  Typically, your nervous system responds by releasing and letting go of tension.  Bones and vertebrae begin to adjust and re-align; ligament, tendon and muscular contraction and tension begin to ease.  
Additional energy and healing intention are directed to nerves, organ systems (digestion, respiratory, etc), and areas of chronic dis-ease. 
This supports and engages your body's innate wisdom to select its most critical issues and facilitate resolution to optimal health and wellness. 


Simultaneously, your body is invited to resolve and let go of held stress, emotional and physical trauma and pain, unexpressed repressed feelings, and old limiting beliefs.

You may or may not feel this activity in your body.   The process of healing is not reliant on you noticing what is happening in your body.  Only on your intention for healing to happen.
You may even fall asleep if your physical body is tired.


The result is a return to more balance and harmony, with a deeper sense of well-being and relaxation.

"My face has always looked like I had suffered a stroke.  In a single session with Tameer my face became aligned and balanced.  And so did my back.  Amazing!  Thanks Tameer"    DK  Belgium             

"Due to childhood polio one of my legs has been very swollen for years. Immediately after my session with Tameer, the swelling went down and after 3 months, it hasn’t returned. Wow and thanks."  
      DY    Hong Kong


More feedback comments ...  in person and with animals.

Guided Group Sessions   

​I bring the essence of individual sessions to the group in the form of relaxed healing meditation.  I hold the group energies while supporting each participant to embark on a personal healing journey of releasing, re-aligning, and integrating into relaxation. 

Your body is invited and supported to release and clear:

  • outdated, limiting beliefs and opinions from your childhood and your past

  • repressed feelings and emotions such as fear, grief, sadness, anger, helplessness, panic

  • unresolved physical, emotional, spiritual traumas

Related re-balancing of spinal mis-alignment is activated.  Organs are invited to replenish and balance themselves as needed.

NO need for you to “do” anything except be available for the process. NO need to remember or re-live disturbing experiences.  Your body chooses what and how to let go! 

A simple, gentle, effective, painless process. 

As a group, we share in love, compassion, and being present to the moment.  Our connection is soul to soul.

In life and in the realm of self-healing there is no separation between you, me and/or anyone else.

There is infinite Universal or God energy available to facilitate and support all the healing experiences that are happening simultaneously within the group.

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